About Vic Bond

Established in 1972, we are a family-owned company with 9 Local Full-Service Warehouses with showrooms. serving Mid-Michigan. Each location has superior knowledge in the industry with each location having at least 20 years of service in the industry. Read More..

Buy American, Buy Local

As local business men, we know first hand the importance of buying local. Our plumbing, electrical, heating, and cabinetry store, Vic Bond Sales, has had to compete with "box stores" and large out of state wholesale chains that move into the area for business. While a local business has the advantage of quality customer service, not many people understand how dramatically buying from locally owned merchants can affect the community.


Your entire staff have helped us numerous times with home repair problems, always with a smile and good advice. My daughter was in car accident and one of your employees was the only one to stop and and help. I'd say that is the type of employee who is a true asset.

~Ralph Bittner